„Brachialilluminator is a loose collective headed by Bozkovich who first appeared in the Vienna punk/metal scene in about 1985. He was member in and supporting a lot of bands, some as obscure as The Screaming Sisters vs. die Leber and Gebrueder Goed and Stefan Weber, some a little bit closer to the small stardom like the Vienna metal outfit Malignom.

Around 2000 he started the project „Brachialilluminator“. Their aim to make the world a better place for all continues. Thus, the current output „Humunkind“ deals with global warming and its maybe best and probably worst effects.

The music of Brachialilluminator is not easily labelled. Some might call it „avantgarde metal“, though you might as well call it „progressive pop“ (or anything else). Better still, simply expect the unexpected.

The collaborators are:
0010 – vocals
Bozkovich – bass, comb, guitar, mandolin, percussion, programming, samples, vocals, whistle
Fraeulein Alexandra – vocals
Hannes Lenhardt – vocals, live drums
potzblitz!brak – guitar, live bass, samples, spatula, vocals
Richard Lederer – darbuka
Robert Spiess – didgeridoo, guitar, percussion, vocals
Susanna Gartmayer – bass clarinet, saxophone
Uli Piringer – violin

You can order „Humunkind“ or „Alarm! – Blaulicht in Rio“. The other releases are out of stock. For ordering or simply dropping a line contact: